Worksheets: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning - Virtual Learning & Real-Life Practice

Our new app Worksheets: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning already available on the App Store: and Google Play:

Trace and write on the screen and beyond! Practice ABC, solve math puzzles and logic riddles in printable worksheets or right on the device!


Over 680 worksheets & off-screen activities updated weekly Enjoy a perfect mix of virtual learning and real-life practice! Your kids will be kept busy on the screen, while practicing handwriting and other critical preschool skills in printable worksheets.

Choose among a plethora of worksheets, complete tasks using easy-to-follow hints and let the device assess your results within a few seconds! Trace with your finger or use Apple Pencil (for iPad Pro) for blended learning experience.


The learning course for each age is based on proven methods and approved by qualified experts in early child education. The app presents unique feature-rich playgrounds, each tailored towards a specific age group ensuring a natural learning path for your child:

  • PRE-K: early writing, pre-reading, shapes, plants and animals, sorting and matching, arts and crafts;
  • KINDERGARTEN A: numbers and counting, letters, reading fiction, weather and seasons, countries and cultures, arts;
  • KINDERGARTEN B: addition and subtraction, geometry, time, money, science, social studies, arts and much more!


Use your finger (for all iPads and iPhones) or Apple Pencil (for iPad Pro only) to complete the tasks on the screen or complete the worksheet in print and let the app check it right away.

* iPENCIL MODE: complete the worksheet on the screen and get it checked and scored right on the device.

* BACK CAMERA MODE: get a printable from your device, complete it and let the device scan it and deliver the results right on the screen.


This is the one and only handwriting app for kids developed with smart Computer Vision algorithms. Based on neural networks, the app is “trained” to act like a human brain. It recognizes objects, analyzes patterns and applies its analysis to discern images in real time. With such a powerful visual recognition engine, the app is able to ensure quality self-paced learning and accurate assessment with no adult assistance needed.


Let your kids create a real masterpiece with a gallery of topic-based coloring pages. You little artist will be kept busy experimenting with colors and adding his creative touch to adorable images.

  • An ample color box with over 50 color shades
  • Image zoom in/out
  •  Share via Facebook and Twitter WHAT’S INCLUDED:
  • Over 680 professionally designed worksheets & off-screen activities updated weekly
  • Immediate self-check with individual scoring
  • Tracing and self-assessment in two modes: Back Camera & iPencil
  • Fancy characters and objects from the child’s world
  • Easy-to-follow professionally voiced hints
  • Created with reflective artificial intelligence
  • PRINT option to get worksheets right from the device
  • Available for iPhone and iPad.