Science for early grades


Introduce your budding scientists to a world of Science with our curated learning spaces for Kindergarten. Colorful, professionally designed worksheets and videos will provide kids with solid foundation in such topics, as animals, weather, seasons and more!

Grade 1

Introducing our Grade 1 Science learning spaces, tailored for inquisitive minds! With help of diversified activities like interactive worksheets, videos, and quizzes kids will explore all the key Grade 1 science topics, including physical concepts, space, plants and animals.

Grade 2

Welcome to Kids Academy's Science learning spaces for second graders! Learn about weather, matter and living organisms with interactive worksheets and instructional videos! Foster a love of science while ensuring comprehensive learning for your curious young minds.

Grade 3

Our Science digital learning spaces for Grade 3 students feature interactive worksheets and instructional videos. The teacher-curated sets of acvities cover all the essential topics including climate, outer space and laws of physics.