Learning essentials for Grade 3


Invite your third graders to learn Math with this reach collection of essential math topics spanning from rounding to word problems and geometry. Engage students in work wth instructional videos, interactive worksheets and fun quizzes to help them master essential Math concepts and enhance their learning experience.

English Language Arts

Let's your kids explore and engage in Grade 3 English Language Arts learning with our comprehensive collection of topics! Each topic is made of worksheets, videos, and quizzes that ensure fun, streamlined, and effective learning. Our ELA topics for third graders include phonics, reading, vocabulary and more!

Social Studies

Welcome to our standard-aligned collection of Grade 3 Social Studies topics! Watch educational videos and follow up with fun interactive worksheets. Discover all the essential topics from world history to civil action and US government structure.


Explore a fascinating collection of Science topics designed specifically for Grade 3 kids! Watch engaging videos and recap what's been learned by completing interactive worksheets! Discover all the essential Grade 3 Science topics from energy and forces to climate and animals!