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Expand your child’s knowledge and strengthen critical skills using videos from Kids Academy that are tailored to your child’s individual academic needs. We know how important it is to raise well-rounded learners, which is why Kids Academy offers kids learning videos that cover all major subjects:

Kids Learning Videos for Preschool through 3rd Grade

We bring a vast array of fun animated videos that cover topics across the early learning curriculum. From fairy tales, to skill-based learning tutorials, your child will always have an entertaining video waiting to teach him or her something new!

Whether your child is learning colors, or learning to subtract, you will find a video in our apps or on our Youtube channel to suit your child’s needs. Our videos are perfect for kids ages 2-10, and we include entertaining nursery songs for the littlest of learners, and complete teacher-led lessons for school-aged children.

Why Kids Academy Videos?

Our educational videos for kids are fun and motivating, as children learn and practice a new skill in only a few short minutes. Using videos that are just the right length for kids, your child will get a burst of learning that will stick with him or her throughout their studies.

We’re constantly adding to our collection! Check back often for updates and new videos!