Math Lesson - 1 Step Addition Word Problems - Using Drawings to Write Equations, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Fairy Word Problems Printable


    Sometimes math seems disconnected to real life, making it hard for some kids to understand it. Thankfully word problems help kids in a myriad of ways, but most importantly, they help to connect kids who otherwise don’t like math! Bring out the magic of math with this engaging flower fairy addition worksheet that features word problems.
    This worksheet is great because:  
    • It features easy-to-understand word problems to reach all kids
    • Struggling kids can count the pictures included to help solve and understand the problem
    If your child is struggling with math, or just needs more practice, this worksheet is a wonderful tool to inspire engagement with math!

  • Activity 2 / Birthday Word Problems Substraction Worksheet


    Here’s a worksheet to increase your child’s math and literacy skills using word problems that feature one of your child’s favorite events: a birthday!
    This fabulously fun subtraction worksheet: Birthday Word Problems, will challenge your child solve tricky equations given realistic scenarios!

  • Activity 3 / Reggie's Reuse Word Problems: Addition Worksheet


    In this world of global citizenship, it's important that we take care of our planet. Your child's new pal Reggie loves to reuse plastic to make new things and he needs some addition help to do so. With this free worksheet, your child will practice solving addition word problems with the help of one-to-one picture representation. They'll also work on being able to pick out the appropriate number sentence from the three choices and the possible solutions based on the given pictures.