Science Lesson - Adaptating to Survive, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Tundra Habitats Worksheet


    Increase scientific vocabulary while learning more about habitats of the world using this cool tundra habitats worksheet for 3rd grade! Learners start out reading exciting and informative facts about tundra.
    Then, kids identify animals that live thrive in the tundra based on prior knowledge!

  • Activity 2 / Bird Beaks Worksheet


    Birds have adapted their beaks throughout time to help them find food. Different birds have different beaks because they eat different things. This colorful worksheet will help your little scientist have a better picture of what different beak shapes and sizes can do for birds when they're finding food. Then, they'll use the traceable lines to match each bird's beautiful beak with the type of food it would eat based on the size and shape. They'll love learning about how each beak size and shape is purposed to be just right!