Math Lesson - Adding with Base 10 blocks (no regrouping) - Part 1, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Counting Tens and Ones to Add

  • Activity 2 / Counting Tens and Ones: Part 1 Worksheet


    Learning place value is easiest when kids have manipulatives to represent the numbers. So what can a parent do when those manipulatives are at school and not at home? Kids Academy has your child covered with this handy place value worksheet that includes longs and cubes to assist learners in the same way real objects would do in class! Simply count the cubes and add them to find the sum. Continue through this colorful downloadable page to gain a better understanding of addition and place value!

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  • Activity 3 / Addition Practice Sheet: Part 1


    Kids in kindergarten and first grade should learn to add larger numbers by flexing and increasing their knowledge and understanding of place value. Kids Academy understands the important role that base ten blocks play in teaching children to understand mathematics thoroughly inside and out. Use this helpful worksheet to introduce your child to addition with base ten blocks, even if you don’t have manipulatives at home to use! This free downloadable page will provide the images your child needs to be successful!

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  • Activity 4 / Addition Practice Sheet: Part 2


    Before moving on to adding larger numbers in two or three digits, be sure that your kids have a solid grasp of place value. Addition problems don’t always have to be in the form of number sentences or standard form, and in fact students can more easily understand the concept behind the addition while working with base ten blocks. Use this vivid worksheet from Kids Academy that provides the manipulatives for you, all in the form of colorful cubes. Solve by finding the totals using the base 10 block images on the page!

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