Science Lesson - Animal Life Cycle, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Life Cycle of a Horse Worksheet

    All mammals have similar lifecycles with many species having its own unique names for every stage of life! Your little learner will love learning more about horses while working on this fascinating science worksheet from Kids Academy! Children will examine the diagram of a horse’s lifecycle complete with terms that label each stage of life from birth to adulthood. Then, number the pictures on the bottom half of the page to mark the correct sequence from 1 through 4!

  • Activity 2 / Life Cycle Frog Printable

    From tadpole to frog, these fascinating amphibians teach kids about the cycle of life! Your child will review the life and times of a frog from start to finish with this interesting life cycle of a frog worksheet!
    Simply draw lines from one stage to the next to uncover the transformation!

  • Activity 3 / Life Cycle of Butterfly Printable

    From nursery decorations to butterfly houses, kids and grownups alike marvel at the beauty of butterflies. What’s even more fascinating is the process they take to become the beautiful insects we love to look at! Here’s an adorable butterfly life cycle printable worksheet, perfect for reviewing with your child the magic behind one of their favorite insects!
    While completing this worksheet, your child will work on: 
    • Understanding the process a butterfly goes through to become a butterfly
    • Ordering the stages with the correct sequence, from egg to butterfly
    • Strengthening cognitive and problem solving skills.
    What makes this worksheet tricky is that since the stages are out of order, your child will have to come up with the best strategy to solve it. Guide your child as they work, and they will be working on multiple complex learning skills, all at once!

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