Math Lesson - Comparing Fractions (same numerator), Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Comparing Numerators Part 1 Worksheet


    Fractions have a numerator and a denominator. The numerator of a fraction is the number that sits on top. The denominator is the number at the bottom. In this worksheet, there are three different fractions groups which your child must practice on. Each group of fractions has the same numerator, but different numerators. The problem here is for your child to figure out which of the fractions is greater than the other. Check the fraction model in each comparison that is greater.

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  • Activity 2 / Comparing Numerators Part 2 Worksheet


    Before beginning this exercise, your child should already have been introduced to fractions in school or otherwise. Some of the things they should already know include how to count and identify fractions in shaded areas of shapes. In this worksheet, there are four sets of fractions. Your child’s task is to compare the two given fractions in each set, and then figure out which of the two fractions is greater the other. Help them circle the correct comparison symbol for each set of fractions in the pdf.

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  • Activity 3 / Scottish Sewing Math Worksheet


    Do your students know what country the Scottish people are from? Teach them a bit of geography by explaining that the Scottish are the people who originally come from and live in Scotland. These people have their own unique traditions, which include special clothing, foods and celebrations. Oliver and Alleen in this worksheet want to sew their own traditional Scottish clothing. They need your student’s help to figure out how much fabric to cut out, which will be enough to sew clothes for both of them. Ask your little kindergartners to get enough fabric for the pair by checking the greater fraction models.

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