Math Lesson - Lesson 1- What makes a shape?, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Learn Basic Shapes with Toby

  • Activity 2 / Two–Dimensional Shapes: Vertices Printable


    Shapes, lines, and corners are everywhere! Math is all around us, which is why kids should learn geometry early on. Extend your child’s knowledge and vocabulary in geometry with this colorful worksheet that focuses on two dimensional shapes: vertices. 
    This worksheet is great because it: 
    • Clearly defines vertices, and breaks it down into an easily understandable idea
    • Provides practice with counting vertices with different shapes
    When difficult vocabulary is broken down into something your child can relate to, the word is easy to understand. Practice vertices and enhance your child’s learning with this vibrant geometry worksheet!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Plane Geometry: Sides Printable


    Your child has spent an entire toddlerhood learning simple shapes, but now he’s learning about polygons, and some shapes can get tricky. Supplement your child’s learning by teaching about sides and how to count them with this worksheet that focuses on plane geometry sides for 1st grade!
    Learning about sides will help your child: 
    • Count sides to identify advanced shapes
    • Recognize and differentiate between polygons 
    • Build a foundation for future learning in geometry and math
    Learning geometry helps kids to understand how math surrounds them in the everyday world. Jumpstart their geometrical awareness by teaching about sides with this fun and colorful worksheet!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 4 / Twin Shapes Dot-to-Dot Worksheet


    This worksheet will test how well your child can copy what they see. On the left side of this tracing sheet, there are four different shapes. You can begin the exercise by first asking your child to identify and name each shape. Then, to the right of each shape are dotted lines of different shapes. Your child’s task is to correctly identify the dotted lines that match the shape on the left. Help them do this for all four shapes in this colorful exercise.

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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