Letter Sound Relationship V-W - Lesson for Preschool, Chapter - Phonological Awareness

In the "Letter Sound Relationship V-W" lesson, preschool students will embark on an exciting journey into the world of phonological awareness, a crucial chapter within the Early Literacy Skills unit. Through engaging activities, including a specially designed "Letter V and W Sounds Worksheet," young learners will explore the unique sounds that the letters V and W make, laying the foundation for their reading and writing skills.

Understanding the relationship between letters and their sounds is a fundamental aspect of early literacy. It not only aids in the decoding of words during reading but also in the accurate representation of sounds when writing. This lesson specifically focuses on the sounds of V and W, helping students distinguish between these two consonants, which can often be challenging for early learners due to their somewhat similar sound production.

By mastering the sounds of V and W, students will enhance their phonological awareness, a key predictor of future reading success. This knowledge will empower them to decode words more efficiently, leading to improved reading fluency, comprehension, and ultimately, a stronger confidence in their literacy skills.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Phonological Awareness
Unit: Early Literacy Skills
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3:00 min
Letter V and W Sounds Worksheet
Letter V and W Sounds Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Letter V and W Sounds Worksheet

    The letters V and W look a little similar, but sound very different in the English language! While working through this cute phonics worksheet, children will say words aloud, like “worm”, “violin”, and “van”. While working, help your child to listen intently to how each word is pronounced, paying attention to how each begin. Does it start with a W or a V? Just trace the dotted line from letter to picture to complete the practice mastering these sounds along the way!