Math Lesson - More Division Word Problems, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Water Division Word Problems Worksheet


    When kids are doing math word problems, they need to be able to understand what the problem is asking and then know how to go about solving it. The use of fun pictures is always a great way for kids to grasp the concepts. This downloadable PDF will let them see some friends at the beach, and using colorful pictures and bold numbers, ask them to read and understand to find the correct answer to each problem. They won't even know they're doing division; they'll just think they're having a fun day at the beach.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 2 / Dividing with Landforms


    It's always nice when you can mix subjects to help your child learn, and this dividing with landforms worksheet allows you to review different types of landforms while also working on problem-solving and division. Being able to understand what a problem is asking of your student is key. This PDF does so with bold colors and highlighted numbers so your child won't be intimidated by the words, but empowered by the pictures and answer choices!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Sailing to the New World Division Worksheet


    When we incorporate different subject matter in the same assignment, our kids see the purpose in problem-solving. This New World Division worksheet is a free way to offer your child some information on Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue, while at the same time offering them picture representations for figuring out division word problems with bold colors and highlighted numbers. They won't know if it's math or history, but they won't care because they'll find success in solving the problems!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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