Math Lesson - Multiplication and Division Fact Families Multiplication Facts Part 2, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Divide up the Garden Worksheet


    When we're dividing, all we are really doing is grouping things in equal sets. This colorful worksheet is a great way to help your child have a one-to-one representation when dividing, making it easier for them to see division problems in an array form. They'll look each division problem and then using the traceable lines, connect the division equations to their matching picture groups. It's a great way for beginning dividers to gain concrete conceptualization.

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  • Activity 2 / Nest Egg Division Worksheet


    When it comes to solving division problems, kids do better when they're able to see relationships between numbers. With this free PDF worksheet, they'll look at a trio of numbers and analyze for patterns. Using their knowledge of fact family relationships in multiplications, they'll trace along the lines to find the dividends and divisors that leave the quotient of 3. They'll be working on division and problem-solving, but they'll just think they're helping a bird friend out by tracing some lines!

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  • Activity 3 / Division Balance the Scale Worksheet


    When students are given the opportunity to see relationships in numbers, math becomes more concrete for them. This free division worksheet gives your child practice balancing scales that have division problems on one side and the quotient on the other. They'll have to look at the answer choices given, solve the division problem or match the correct quotient and then choose the appropriate box that will balance the scales. It's a colorful way to give them practice in a unique way.

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