Science Lesson - Observing the Weather, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Let's Describe the Weather! Worksheet


    Do you regularly teach your kids about the weather? How well is your child familiar with the different seasons, temperatures, and weather conditions? Now is the time to see just how much attention your kids have been paying to the weather forecast! In this colorful worksheet, your child must correctly identify different weather conditions. First, ask them to look at the pictures on the left and say what type of weather it shows. Then, ask them to circle the correct answer from the options on the right side.

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  • Activity 2 / Hows the Weather Worksheet


    Teaching kids about the weather is a great way to kickstart science learning! This how’s the weather printable worksheet will help little scientists learn about what’s going on outside, while practicing important literacy skills!
    Here’s what’s great about this worksheet: 
    • Your child will read along with you to complete the worksheet
    • It helps your child to recognize important symbols for weather
    • Your child will make a connection between the written word and the symbols provided
    After completing, be sure to check the weather outside to make a connection from this worksheet to the real world!

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  • Activity 3 / What's the Weather? Worksheet


    Take a look outside; what’s the weather like? It’s important that kids can differentiate the different types of weather they may see on a daily basis. This handy printable worksheet combines science and math skills to help children track specific types of days: cloudy, sunny, windy, and rainy. Encourage students to read the graph by counting the shaded bars above each weather type. Finally, answer the questions below. Extend the lesson by making your own bar graph to track the monthly weather!

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