Our Own Point of View - Lesson for Grade 3, Chapter - Key Ideas and Details/ Craft and Structure

In the "Our Own Point of View" lesson, designed for Grade 3 students under the Reading Informational Text unit, learners will embark on an engaging journey to understand the significance of perspective and detail in texts. This lesson is nestled within the broader realms of Key Ideas and Details as well as Craft and Structure, focusing on the comprehension and appreciation of informational content.

Through activities such as the Mountain Animals Worksheet, students will learn to identify the main ideas and supporting details within a text, specifically texts about wildlife found in mountainous regions. This activity is not just about reading for information but also encourages learners to discern the author's perspective and, in turn, reflect on and develop their own viewpoints.

Understanding the craft and structure of informational texts is crucial for young learners as it lays the foundation for critical thinking and effective communication. Recognizing an author's purpose and viewpoint helps students evaluate content more deeply, fostering a more nuanced understanding of the world around them.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Key Ideas and Details/ Craft and Structure
Unit: Reading Informational Text
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3:00 min
Mountain Animals Worksheet
Mountain Animals Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Mountain Animals Worksheet

    Mountain animals are amazing! Is that a fact, or just an opinion? Our little learners can struggle to tell the difference, which is crucial when it comes to evaluating texts and critical thinking. Use this interesting reading worksheet to sharpen their reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills. Featuring a fun and fascinating nonfiction passage, your child will read about mountain animals, like bears and goats. Read through the text and think carefully about the statements below it to mark each as either fact or fiction!