Math Lesson - Relate Place Value (base 10 block) addition to standard algorithm addition Part 1, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Different Ways to Add Worksheet


    Having access to different strategies is a crucial facet to solving math problems. This worksheet will give your student practice matching equations using the appropriate base ten pictures and math facts. They'll work on fine motor skills with the traceable lines, and you'll watch their number sense grow as they make connections with different ways to add and add to their math skill sets.

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  • Activity 2 / Adding with Base 1 Blocks Worksheet: Check Yourself


    We want to build automaticity with math facts in our students, but we also want to stress the importance of being able to check their work. Let your little learner use this colorful worksheet to practice solving addition problems without renaming, and then being able to check their answers using the Base 10 picture representation for further, deeper understanding. It's also good practice for selecting the right answer from multiple choices.

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  • Activity 3 / Let's Regroup to Add

  • Activity 4 / Let's Regroup to Add Worksheet


    Being able to regroup and rename numbers is important when doing addition of numbers over ten. This practice worksheet will let students have the opportunity to regroup numbers using base ten blocks representations and rename them so they can use '10s' to add two numbers. They'll develop a deeper sense of mathematical reasoning and learn there really is more than just 'carrying the 1' when it comes to regrouping and renaming!

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