Math Lesson - Subtract within 1,000 using Standard Subtraction & Place Value 3 Digits, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Subtracting Numbers: Celebrations Worksheet


    Your kids definitely love birthdays, and the celebration that comes with birthdays. Ask your little ones if they can mention some of their favourite activities and foods to eat at a birthday party. In this worksheet, your little one needs to figure out how many candles they can put on the cake. The task is to find the candle that makes the subtraction sentence true, and put it on the cake by tracing the dotted line. When you figure out the correct equation, help your kid put the candle on the birthday cake in this tracing sheet.

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  • Activity 2 / Subtracting Numbers: Community Helpers Worksheet


    What is a community? A community is an area with different people, professionals, buildings and other things. People in a community vary, and each has their own part to play in making the community move forward. We know that there are people in our town that can help us. Ask your child if they can mention some community helpers they are familiar with, and how they help. Then, find the vehicles which these community helpers drive by checking the correct answer in the subtraction problems.

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  • Activity 3 / Subtracting Numbers: Music Worksheet


    Music is a beautiful way that people can express their feelings. Music is made to be played and to be enjoyed by the listeners. Are your kids interested in music? Maybe they are already enrolled in a music class and are learning to play an instrument. If they are, good for them! In this worksheet, your kids will need to find the musical note that makes the subtraction sentence true. Help them solve the mathematical problem, and then trace on the dotted line to the correct answer.

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