Vowel Sound Relationship: U - Lesson for Preschool, Chapter - Phonological Awareness

In the "Vowel Sound Relationship: U" lesson, preschool students embark on an exciting journey into the world of phonological awareness, specifically focusing on the sounds produced by the vowel 'U.' This lesson is a vital component of the Early Literacy Skills unit, paving the way for young learners to master the foundations of reading and writing.

Throughout this lesson, children will engage in activities such as the "Letter U Sounds Worksheet" and "Vowel Sounds: I, O, U," which are designed to enhance their understanding of how vowel sounds, particularly the sound 'U,' play a crucial role in forming words. Students will learn to distinguish the unique sounds that 'U' can make, and how it differs from or relates to other vowel sounds like 'I' and 'O.'

Understanding vowel sounds is essential for developing phonemic awareness—a key literacy skill that involves hearing, identifying, and manipulating individual sounds in words. This skill is foundational for decoding words while reading and is a strong predictor of reading success in the future. By mastering vowel sounds early on, students are better prepared for the challenges of reading and can build a strong literacy foundation that will support their academic journey.

Estimated classroom time: 7 min
Chapter: Phonological Awareness
Unit: Early Literacy Skills
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3:00 min
Letter U Sounds Worksheet
Letter U Sounds Worksheet
4:00 min
Vowel Sounds: I, O, U
Vowel Sounds: I, O, U
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  • Activity 1 / Letter U Sounds Worksheet

    The letter U is special because it has multiple long and short letter pronunciations. Keep it simple with this short «u» worksheet that helps kids identify it in words like duck, or cup! Just look at the pictures, read the words aloud and listen very closely to sounds within the words! Which words have the short «u» sound? Once kids get started, it is easy to see that words like “map” definitely do not contain a U. Circle only words that use the correct sound to complete the sheet!

  • Activity 2 / Vowel Sounds: I, O, U - Quiz

    In this assessment, students will use their knowledge of sound relationships to identify words that have the short vowels i, o, and u as their initial and medial sounds.