Chess Lesson - What Is Checkmate?, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Chess: What Is Checkmate

  • Activity 2 / What is Checkmate? Worksheet


    Checkmate is arguably the best move on a chessboard, and your child will want to make again and again when they're playing. With this colorful PDF worksheet, they'll learn that checkmate means a king is in check and there's no way to save him. They'll want to know how to checkmate their opponent so they can win, and this downloadable will give them practice identifying when a king is checkmated and how it would look on a real board.

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  • Activity 3 / Checkmate the King Worksheet


    Checkmating your opponent's king is the goal of every chess game. Chess is a fantastic way for your children to grow their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and especially if they have a fun time winning! With this PDF worksheet, they'll get practice working on whether or not the kings can be checkmated in the next move, and then they'll get to use the sample board to draw a line and make the checkmate move themselves. Who doesn't love being a winner?!

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  • Activity 4 / Notation of Checkmate Worksheet


    Checkmate is the ultimate move in chess, and your little strategy game-players love nothing more than to be able to make that final play and capture the king! This free chess notation worksheet will help your child learn to look at the sample boards and to put a # sign after the checkmate move for proper notation. It's a thrilling move and notation to make, and it's great brain-building in the process!

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