Towers Puzzle Games, Ages 2-4

Enhance your child’s learning with our interactive and engaging puzzle game for kids, perfect for honing kids’ sorting, matching, and classification skills! Invite your child to a fun-filled world, with 3 new playrooms packed with games your child will love! 

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Stimulate your preschooler’s creativity and thinking skills while immersing them in a world of discovery and fun! Kids Academy is proud to offer your child this delightful puzzle game for kids, designed with your little learner in mind. 

Let’s Look Inside

With a team of early childhood educators, we create games geared towards the learning needs of young children. We know what skills your child will need to lay a foundation for future success. With three different play areas and over 100 games and activities, your child will spend countless hours engaged in thinking and learning fun!

The app offers sorting activities for kids to help your child hone sorting, matching, and classification skills. You can also expect your little learner to sharpen counting skills while they interact with vivid, hand-drawn images, taken from the child’s everyday world. 


  • 3 engaging playrooms, Towers 1, Town Center, and Towers 2
  • 40 expertly developed mini-game boards
  • Over 120 sorting, matching, and counting games
  • Games that get more difficult as your child progresses
  • Adorable and engaging images.

Towers 1

Strenghten sorting skills while exploring the high seas and blasting off to the space! Kids will practice ordering tricky objects by size. Your toddler will progress through a delightful playroom packed with sorting fun!

Town Center

Your preschooler will take a trip into town, exploring adorably engaging shops, filled with learning surprises! Burst with matching games hidden in the shops! Work on counting, recognizing colors, sizes, and patterns. 

Towers 2

Towers 2 will give your kid a challenge with horizontal and upside-down game boards! Fascinating animals, Vikings and pirates will delight your child as they make their way through each  stage. 

Why You’ll Love It?

Kids Academy prides itself on bringing you the absolute best educational games for your child. With our app, you can be rest assured that your child is working to improve: 

  • Sorting, matching, and classification skills
  • Counting and early mathematic and logical reasoning skills
  • Color, shape, size, and pattern recognition
  • Creativity and imagination. 

A personal plan for Your child is just one step away!

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Towers Puzzle Games, Ages 2-4