Differentiating Between Long and Short Vowel Sounds: Fun Phonics Coloring Worksheets for Ages 4+

Discover exciting and educational phonics worksheets at Kids Academy! Our printable coloring activities for 4-year-olds focus on differentiating between long and short vowel sounds. These fun, engaging exercises help young learners develop crucial reading skills while enhancing their ability to recognize and pronounce vowels correctly. Perfect for early learners, parents, and educators, our worksheets combine learning with creativity to ensure a memorable and effective educational experience. Visit Kids Academy today to support your child's phonics journey and make learning vowels a colorful adventure!

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Long and Short A Worksheet
Long and Short A Worksheet

Long and Short A Worksheet

Time to teach your class about long and short vowels? Download this free worksheet with coloring-in activities. Get them to read words like "cat" and "cake" so they can hear the difference. Then let the kids color in the words and the pictures. Phonics lessons will be enjoyable and easy with this creative printout! (80 words)
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Long and Short A Worksheet