Enhance Preschoolers' Observation Skills with Fun and Easy Science Worksheets about Our Planet and Environment

Discover exciting preschool science worksheets at Kids Academy, designed to enhance your child's observation skills. This engaging collection invites young learners to explore our planet and environment through fun, easy-to-follow activities. Each printable worksheet fosters curiosity and critical thinking, helping children to notice and understand the world around them. Perfect for parents and educators, these resources support early learning, making science an enjoyable adventure for preschoolers. Visit Kids Academy to unlock a treasure trove of educational tools that inspire and educate, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of discovery.

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Weather Every Day Worksheet
Weather Every Day Worksheet

Weather Every Day Worksheet

Ask your child to look out the window and tell you what the weather's like. Is it raining, stormy, cloudy, snowing or sunny? Help them observe all the different types of weather and then check the words at the bottom of the worksheet. What's their favorite type of weather? Read them this poem about the weather and see what they think!
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Weather Every Day Worksheet