Adding up to 50 with Regrouping: Page 58

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Help your Grade 2 students master the skill of addition with regrouping with this engaging worksheet titled "Adding up to 50 with Regrouping". The worksheet features a colorful layout with fifteen problems, each presented in a clear and organized manner. Students are tasked to solve addition equations such as 25 + 18 and 19 + 29, requiring them to regroup to find the correct totals. This practice sheet is perfect for improving their arithmetic skills and building confidence in handling larger numbers.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know addition up to 50 with regrouping. They should know how to add two-digit numbers with carrying. For example, when adding 38+16, they should know that 8+6=14. They should write down the 4 in the ones place and carry the 1 over to the tens place. Then, they should add 1+3+1=5 in the tens place, giving a final answer of 54.