Bald Eagle Facts Worksheet

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The bald eagle is one of the United States most famous national symbols, and their majestic beauty can be seen soaring across the skies in many locations of the country! Teach your child to appreciate and cherish this beautiful bird with this bald eagle facts printable worksheet! 
This worksheet will help your child: 
• Understand how bald eagles live
• Learn what bald eagles eat
• Understand that the bird is a symbol for the US
Take your child’s learning to the next step by explaining the symbolism behind the bird! Help your early learner understand and develop respect for the importance of national symbols!

Required skills:
To successfully complete this worksheet, students should know about the habitat, diet, and general behavior of the bald eagle. Students should also be able to read and comprehend the information provided on the worksheet, as well as understand the significance of the bald eagle as a national symbol in the US.