Match–Up Game: Beginning Sounds Worksheet

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Most of us have been out of the classroom long enough to forget some of the earliest subjects we studied in school. One of those long-forgotten subjects is phonics, which plays an integral role in helping little talkers become little readers and writers. Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds in language. This means that kids need to learn common words and which letters they start with. 
Since phonics is so important, you might be wondering how and where to start with your little learner. Look no further! This beginning sounds match-up printable is the perfect way to start practicing phonics with your future reader.
Here’s how this match-up game can benefit your child: 
• Since there are no hints, your child will use their memory and cognition to think about what letter each picture begins with. This means that your child must draw solely from memory, thinking through each picture to determine what letters are associated with which words. This allows your child to develop stamina and focus. 
• Your child will notice that no matter what the picture is, if the word starts with the same letter, it’s a match. Take your child past simple classification and categorization. Now your child must categorize pictures based on different rules—early phonics skills. 
It’s vitally important to teach children to solve problems mentally. Once children master beginning sounds, they can move on to recognizing sounds and letters together in print—building a solid foundation for reading and spelling skills.