Learn Dozens: Counting by Tens Printable

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Skip counting is an important skill for kindergartners to learn. Once kids are fluent in their counting skills, they will learn to skip count, which is counting in bundles or number groups. This is so important for kids to learn because it increases number sense, and helps kids mentally complete math quickly. Becoming fluent in skip counting helps ready little learner’s minds for advanced mathematics skills, like multiplication and division. 
There’s no better way to practice this invaluable skill than with this brilliant kindergarten counting by tens worksheet! Your little learner will take a trip to outer space to trace the lines to the correct stars as they skip count by tens. Your child must choose between different answers to select the correct answer to complete the puzzle. 
By completing this worksheet, your child will: 
• Practice skip counting skills, counting by tens to find each answer;
• Choose between different, incorrect answers to strengthen problem solving skills; 
• Visually see the pattern their skip counting creates when finished;
• Build fluency in skip counting, building towards more advanced mathematical skills.
Whether you’re looking to reinforce fluency with extra practice, or trying to help a struggling student, this skip counting worksheet will help take your budding mathematician to the next level! Challenge your little learner today and print this vibrant starry worksheet for skip counting fun!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count by tens, differentiate between correct and incorrect answers, and trace lines to connect the correct stars. They should also be able to identify patterns that are created by skip counting, and have a basic understanding of math concepts.