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Birthday Sudoku Sorting Worksheet

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Preschool Sudoku Printable

Puzzles are fun because they flex our minds and challenge us to solve a tricky problem that helps us to feel accomplished when we’ve figured out the solution. Just like grownups, kids love a puzzle, too! Work your child’s mind with this preschool Sudoku printable, sure to delight and challenge your child! 

This fun and adorable puzzle will help your child: 

    • Follow the rules of the puzzle, looking up and down each row and column 
    • Build analysis skills while they think about which picture would fit
    • Strengthen problem-solving skills
    • Feel a sense of pride for a job well-done.

When we accomplish something difficult, we feel a sense of pride that we overcame a challenge to solve a problem. Praise your child when they complete the puzzle to encourage and motivate them to take on more difficult puzzles in the future!