Counting Worksheet: Let's Practice Counting

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Arctic animals are having a birthday party, and need your child’s help to count the supplies and guests! Delight your child with this adorable counting worksheet that will encourage your little learner to focus on details to solve the game! 
This worksheet can help your child: 
• Practice important counting skills
• Improve attention to detail 
• Strengthen problem-solving skills.
When kids pay attention to the finer details, they can better sort and classify objects in the world around them. What’s more, is that your child will spend time using a process of elimination to improve problem-solving and cognitive skills, making this kindergarten counting game printable is excellent practice to help your child improve in math and thinking skills!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count numbers up to at least 10, recognize basic Arctic animals, and understand how to distinguish and classify objects based on their characteristics. They should also know how to apply basic math skills and use processes of elimination for problem-solving.