Classifying by Size Sorting Worksheet

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Some things are big, and some things are small. And sometimes, it’s very hard to tell the difference! Challenge your preschooler to see differences not just in shape, but also in size. Help your little learner to determine which objects are bigger and smaller, using this beautiful size comparison worksheet.
Using this worksheet, your child will practice:
• Important spatial recognition skills;
• Honing problem solving skills;
• Improving logic and reasoning skills.
Allow this worksheet to open a conversation about the different pictures on the page! Talk to your child about how houses and airplanes are usually large, while some things can vary in size, like balls and watering cans. Your child will love the vivid toys on the page, as well as the time spent talking with you!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should be able to visually compare objects to determine which ones are bigger or smaller. They should also be able to understand the concept of size and apply it to different objects.