Matching: Classifying Toys by Size Fun Worksheet

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Some of the most important skills aren’t those learned at school. Sometimes kids need to practice occupational and nonacademic skills that no doubt help them in all aspects of life. Delight your child by printing out our sorting worksheets for preschool and challenge their spatial awareness to strengthen their skills.
Sorting worksheets for preschool are an invaluable resource for your child to begin building skills necessary for future academic success.
Through the practice of nonacademic skills, your child will build budding educational and life skills that will help them take on more advanced tasks.
This engaging worksheet that will help your little one to spatially organize objects on paper: 
• Spatial awareness and recognition skills. Kids will be challenged by the task of finding and recognizing the toy that is the same size as the one on the left-hand side. By navigating multiple duplicate pictures, children will need to analyze the objects and compare them to the first toy. 
• Learning relative directions, such as differentiating between right and left. This is such an important skill for preschoolers to learn. This worksheet will help your child to understand relative direction and know the difference between right and left. 
Practice reading directions. With your help, your child will practice learning to read directions, and following through. This will help set the tone for future worksheets and learning tasks, as they will always know to be careful to look for and follow directions.

Required skills:
Students should know how to recognize objects and compare them to find similarities in size. They should also know the concept of relative directions and how to differentiate between right and left. Additionally, they should be able to read directions and follow them carefully.