Learn Number 8 Easily Worksheet

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Trace and write numbers, learn to pronounce them properly and make it all an interesting game with numbers worksheets for preschool.
Several water lilies are growing in our pond. Can you count all of them?
Trace the number 8 carefully and then write it on your own correctly. Have a look at the frogs that are having rest in the pond among our water lilies. Find those which have eight spots on their backs and circle them. In the final exercise trace the word "eight" carefully.
Kids Academy provides various materials for learning numbers. Tracing number worksheets make studies fun and easy.

Required skills:
To complete this worksheet, students should know how to recognize and write the number 8, count up to 8, identify patterns of 8 (in the spots on the frog), and understand the phonics of the word "eight" to trace it correctly.