Ordinal Numbers: Teaching Ordinal Numbers Printable

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Ordinal numbers can be tricky. Kids need to learn the concept of placement and ordering, and how to recognize them in print. And once kids recognize the numerals, they need to read the words that make up ordinal numbers! With so many skills to learn, it’s no wonder why they need so much practice with this vital number concept! 
Here’s a learn and trace ordinal numbers worksheet that will help your little one recognize and spell ordinal numbers. 
With this worksheet, your child will practice: 
• Position and placement of a picture in the row;
• Understanding the concept behind ordinal numbers;
• Reading and writing ordinal numbers when spelled out.
Like most of our worksheets, this one helps your child to make connections between the placement of numbers and the ordinal number when spelled out.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know the concepts of numbers and counting and understand the order of numbers. Furthermore, they should be able to recognize and write the first ten ordinal numbers by words and have basic writing and tracing skills.