Learn dozens: Skip Count by Tens Printable

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Follow the shooting star along its path, skip counting along the way! This fun star-themed skip counting by 10’s worksheet offers meaningful skip counting practice using cute and vibrant stars to motivate your future mathematician. 
With this worksheet, your child will: 
• Solve a puzzle using skip counting;
• Use logical reasoning skills to eliminate incorrect answers;
• Strengthen problem solving skills. 
Help your child prepare for more advanced math by increasing their skip counting abilities and skills. Once kids master skip counting by 10’s, they’re ready to skip count by larger numbers, preparing for future multiplication and division. Print this worksheet to take your shooting star to the next level!

Required skills:
Students should know how to skip count by tens to solve this worksheet. They will need to follow the shooting star along its path and mark the correct number in the sequence. As they progress, they will need to use logical reasoning to eliminate incorrect answers and strengthen their problem solving skills.