Ordinal Numbers: Let's Practice Numbers Printable

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Kids need to learn ordinal numbers so they can begin to understand how objects or concepts are ordered. 
It’s important for your little learner to use practice ordinal numbers worksheets PDF to help them understand this vital concept, and this worksheet will no doubt help them to master finding and writing ordinal numbers!
What’s Inside: 
• A row of stars will help your child identify the ordinal number;
• A guided tracing diagram will help your child trace the ordinal numbers.
It’s important for your child to be able to easily count to find which star is being emphasized. Talk with your child about where that star is in line with the others. Afterwards, your little learner will be able to recognize and trace the ordinal number, making a connection between the number and the star in the picture.

Required skills:
To solve this worksheet, students should know how to count and identify the order of objects, understanding ordinal numbers. They should also be able to trace numbers.