Measurement: Measuring Weight in Pounds 1 Worksheet

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This free math worksheet is ideal for creating a clear understanding of weight of different everyday objects comparing them to a package of spaghetti. Learning about measuring weight can be great fun with the help of Kids Academy!
To help your kids understand how much one pound is this free math worksheet suggests comparing different objects to a package of spaghetti, which weighs one pound. This simple activity will create a clear picture about the notion ‘one pound’.  The kids need to color red the things which are more than one pound, and use a blue pencil to color the ones which are less than one pound, i.e. one package of spaghetti. Your little learners are sure to enjoy to this activity.
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Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to measure weight, compare the weight of objects to one pound (specifically a package of spaghetti), and understand the concepts of more than and less than.