Pirate Ship Connect Dots Worksheet

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Aargh, mateys! Your little pirates will love this charming dot to dot: ship worksheet! Help your child to craft the sail of their pirate ship by guiding them to connect the dots in this adventurous picture. After they’re finished, encourage your swashbuckling kiddo to decorate the sail to ignite their creativity. 
By connecting the dots, your child will: 
• Practice important numeracy and counting skills;
• Build confidence in creating their ship;
• Understand how connecting the dots come together to make the whole picture.
Connecting the dots helps your child build a host of important reasoning skills. After your child is done designing their pirate ship, your child will be ready and motivated to take on more advanced pictures!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count and connect the dots in numerical order. They should also have basic drawing skills to decorate the sail of the pirate ship after connecting the dots.