Balloon Connect Dots Worksheet

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This exciting PDF worksheet dot to dot balloon is sure to inspire your child to great heights! Hot air balloons are magical and often associated with knowledge and imagination. Your child will enjoy creating this beautiful image, and will work on important skills in the process!
By connecting the dots, your child will: 
• Practice counting and recognizing numbers up to 14;
• Utilize creativity and design to color the balloon;
• Boost confidence through the completion of the worksheet.
Connecting dots are a great to build confidence in kids who are afraid to create their own pictures. They will easily see how following steps can lead to a rewarding surprise. Print out this awe-inspiring balloon to ignite your child’s self-esteem and imagination.
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Required skills:
To complete this worksheet, students should know how to count and recognize numbers up to 14. They should also have basic knowledge of how to connect dots to create an image. In addition, students should be capable of coloring within the lines and exercising their creativity.