Birthday Counting Connect Dots Worksheet

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Kids gain more than artistic fun and practice when they connect dot to dot numbers. Printables like these help kids practice crucial counting and numeracy skills as they create a delightful picture! Help your child finish the birthday cake, as they practice counting from 1-10. 
With this worksheet, your child will: 
• Practice counting numbers 1-10
Learn to identify the written numbers on the page
• Use a pencil to draw curved lines
• Use problem solving skills to complete the picture.
All kids love their birthday! Get them excited by helping them complete this tasty cake! Afterwards, remind them when their birthday is to help them learn about the months and days of the year! Your child won’t even know they’re doing the hard work of learning while they’re thinking about one of their favorite days of the year!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count from 1-10 and recognize written numbers on the page. They should also have some experience using a pencil to draw curved lines and be able to apply problem-solving skills to complete the picture.