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Is your little one bored with the math problems they bring home from school? Some kids are great at math, and love a new challenge! If you’re looking for something to extend your future mathematician’s skills, this addition worksheet PDF for kindergarten is the perfect choice! 
Completing this worksheet will:
• Help your child practice important addition skills; 
• Introduce the concept of solving equations in different ways;
• Challenge your child to switch between methods for each problem.
Help your child to eliminate each answer choice by having them try each. For advanced learners, extend their knowledge by teaching them that in some cases to solve an equation, switch and practice subtraction to find the solution. Either way, your child will love the challenge while learning more advanced math concepts!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should have basic knowledge of addition and be able to solve simple equations. They should also know how to switch between different methods of solving equations, and how to eliminate answer choices by trying each one.