Learn dozens: Space math Worksheet

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One of the most important tenets of Singapore Math is the idea that kids learn beginning math basics best visually. When kids visually recognize bundles or groups of numbers and use that knowledge to solve problems, kids complete problems faster, while gaining number sense.
This kindergarten counting by tens worksheet is inspired by the famous Singapore Math strategy, and will help your little learner bloom into a math superstar! 
During completion, your child will: 
• Visually recognize groups of tens; 
• See how large groups of numbers can be added together;
• Understand quantity versus simple memorization.
Packed with eye-catching space pictures, your child will love solving the problems on this far-out counting by tens worksheet!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know counting by 10s, adding up tens and have basic number sense. They should also be able to recognize groups of tens visually.