Cinderella Geometry Maze Worksheet

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Oh, no! It’s almost midnight and Cinderella must get back to her castle! Here’s a geometric maze for kids that is sure to excite your preschooler! Your child will be delighted to help Cinderella find her way back to her carriage so that she can hurry home. Your little learner will enjoy shading in the circles to help her find that carriage as soon as possible.
This worksheet will allow your child to:
• Practice problem-solving skills;
• Sort through different geometric shapes;
• Strengthen logic skills.
Not only will your child be delighted to help a favorite fairy tale character, but he or she will love solving the maze to help her get there. Print out the other fairy tale maze to engage your kids in meaningful practice and learning.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know the properties of geometric shapes, how to identify and differentiate them from each other, and how to navigate a maze based on these shape clues. They should also be able to use logical reasoning to solve the problem and fine motor skills to shade in the circles.