Skip Counting by 5s: Outer Space Math Printable

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Teach your child skip counting by fives with this fantastically fun space-themed worksheet! Packed with intergalactic fun, your child will learn a critically important skill that will train him or her for future math success. Since skip counting is so important to lay a solid foundation for advanced addition and multiplication skills, you know that your child will get meaningful practice, even though they’re having fun! 
Just like all of our worksheets, you’ll notice that this one offers: 
• Simple and clear instructions 
• Adorable graphics to engage your learner
• A clear method to practice the target skill.
What makes this worksheet so unique is that it offers a way for kids new to skip counting to find their way through the worksheet and discover for themselves how to count by 5’s. First they’ll circle every fifth picture, but after they’re finished, they’ll go back to their circled answers to count each to learn how to count by 5’s. This will guide kids along their way with minimal help, allowing kids to learn independently. 
By completing this worksheet, your child will: 
• Discover skip counting as they count their answers
• Increase awareness of numeracy counting in more abstract ways
• Sharpen cognitive and logical reasoning skills
• Use problem solving skills as they work their way through the page.
Kids learn best when they discover concepts for themselves. This guided worksheet will let them do just that, as they have a blast skip counting in space!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count numbers and have an understanding of basic addition and multiplication.