Outer Space Substraction Worksheet

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Math can be tricky for kids. In fact, math can be tricky for parents, too! In the midst of grades and report cards, sometimes kids need a little bit of positive practice. Whether you’re looking to supplement your homeschooler’s curriculum, or just another resource to help your little learner with math concepts, this cool space-theme subtraction worksheet will help your child learn subtraction for 2nd grade. 
Using the renowned Singapore Math model as inspiration, this worksheet offers your child visuals to solve the problems.
This will help your child to: 
• Develop a deeper understanding of math concepts. When kids rely on memorization, they don’t stop to think about why they’re performing the steps they use to solve a problem. By being able to count and subtract with pictures help kids understand the answer. 
• Stop relying on rote memorization. Kids who understand mathematic concepts stop relying on rote memorization, and begin solving problems using logical thinking skills. 
• Build mathematical understanding for future concepts. Once kids foster a deeper understanding for mathematical processes, they will be able to use those skills to solve more advanced equations.
As always, our worksheets are vivid, catchy, and fun. Your child will love learning and practicing subtraction with joyful pictures of space-themed objects while they hone their problem-solving skills and thoroughly build an understanding of subtraction.

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