Picnic Basket Sorting Worksheet

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This kindergarten sorting worksheet is the perfect worksheet for spring! Help your child to imagine a fun and tasty springtime picnic in order to find all of the objects that might be included in his or her picnic basket. 
With this worksheet, expect your child to: 
• Sort through everyday objects to find the right supplies for the picnic;
• Rule out any object that wouldn’t likely be needed in the basket.
Don’t be afraid to extend your child’s learning! After your child completes the worksheet, use it to plan a real or pretend picnic. 
Help your child to plan the event, and use this worksheet as the catalyst for that discussion. Your child will love planning a picnic, and will realize the connection between the worksheet and real life. 
Print out the other worksheet to sharpen sorting and classifying skills in an engaging way!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should be able to sort through everyday objects and identify which ones would be needed for a picnic. They should also be able to discriminate between objects and rule out any that would not likely be needed, thereby improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It would also be helpful if students have a basic vocabulary of common picnic items.