Preschool Geometry Sorting Worksheet

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One vitally important preschool skill is learning shapes. Once kids learn their shapes, they also need to see how shapes are used in everyday objects and images. Sorting shapes worksheets will help children to identify shapes in the world around them. 
Through this worksheet, your child will: 
• Sort through images to locate triangles;
• Rule out pictures that aren’t triangles.
Through this simple task, your child will actually sort through challenging images, such as crescents. Talk to your child how some objects, like Christmas trees, look similar to triangles in shape, although are slightly different. Use this worksheet to talk to your child about shapes, and help them recognize shapes around them.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know the basics of shape recognition, particularly the triangular shape. They should be able to identify and distinguish triangles from other shapes and objects that may look similar, like crescents.