Shadows Worksheet

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Did you know that it’s essential for your little learner to build visual-spatial skills as soon as possible in order to solve many of life’s challenges and tasks? Spatial reasoning is the ability to know and remember objects, and to imagine how those objects might change. This match-up worksheet for toddlers will challenge your child to imagine the bright and catchy images upside down, and is perfect practice for your little one!
With this worksheet, your child will: 
• Practice spatial reasoning abilities. Not only will your child imagine the object upside down, but he or she will also have to find the correct shape without the help of colors or design. Instead, your child will practice recognizing object’s shape. 
• Hone problem-solving skills. By narrowing down options and eliminating the shadows that aren’t correct, your child will practice important problem-solving skills, which is key to solving any task. 
• Sharpen motor skills. Any time your child has a pencil in his or her hand is a great time to practice proper pencil grip and hand-to-eye coordination. By drawing lines from the original object to its match allows your child to sharpen important motor skills.
What better way to help your child master vitally important spatial reasoning skills, than with this vivid match-up worksheet for toddlers? Your child will have fun completing this amusing worksheet, while sharpening their spatial reasoning skills.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to recognize object shapes and imagine how those shapes might change. They should also be able to narrow down options and eliminate incorrect choices while problem-solving. Additionally, students should know how to hold a pencil properly and draw lines to connect objects, improving their motor skills.