Short Notation of Moves Worksheet

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Being a master at the game of chess requires much more than knowing the names of all the chess pieces, and knowing their moves as well. A good chess player must also know how to make notations of their moves during the game. To make a short notation of a move, a player must write the name of the piece and the square it moved to. For example, Bd2 means that a bishop moved to square d2. For pawns, however, players don’t need to write the short names. That is; g5 shows that a pawn moved to square g5. Ask your kids to draw straight lines to the board showing the moves given in the printout.

Required skills:
Students should know how to make short notations of moves in chess, which involves writing the name of a piece and the square it moved to. They should also be able to identify different chess pieces and their moves, as well as understand the concept of spatial awareness while drawing lines on the chessboard.