Solution Matching: Hobbies. Part 1 Worksheet

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Math problems are easier to solve and more fun to complete if they relate to real-life activities! This free printable worksheet from Kids Academy weaves in the topic of hobbies into the word problems on the page! Help your child to read each problem carefully, paying close attention to the numbers involved and the key terms used, like «how many» and «have left». Look below each question to the bank of equations. Choose the one that provides the correct operation and solution by checking the box nearby!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know basic addition and subtraction, and have an understanding of how to apply these operations to real-life problems. They should also be able to read and understand word problems, and pay attention to key terms such as "how many" and "have left". They will need to use critical thinking skills to analyze the problems and choose the correct equation to solve them.