Learning Stars and Constellations Worksheet with answer key

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Tasks in the Worksheet:
Stars can make their own light. Our sun is a star, too. The sun's light is so bright that we cannot see the other stars during the day, but only at night. Long ago, people thought that stars formed different shapes, like things, animals, and people. We call those groups of stars constellations. Answer the questions and guess the names of constellations. Question 1. Which is a star? Question 2. What can stars make?
Free download Stars and Constellations Worksheet worksheet Answer Key
Stars and Constellations Worksheet
Stars and Constellations Worksheet Learning Value
The basic learning value of this worksheet is to teach students about stars and constellations, as well as help improve their reading comprehension skills. It also introduces them to the scientific inquiry method of reading a passage and answering questions to show their understanding.