Matching: Plants Worksheet

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Printable matching games for kids are an awesome tool to challenge your early learner to see the similarities and differences in the world. Encourage your child to look closely at the vibrant flowers on this page to find out which ones are different and which are the same.
This worksheet will help your child:
• Focus on small details to build pattern recognition skills;
• Practice problem solving skills to rule out flowers that don’t match;
• Improve sorting and matching skills.
Your child will love the challenge of searching through similar pictures to find the ones that match! Use this worksheet to point out how similar things oftentimes have small differences. Print this and excite your child with bright images and a fun challenge.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to identify similarities and differences between different types of plants. They should also be able to focus on small details and use problem solving skills to determine which plants match and which ones do not.